We are delighted to announce the launch of our new free CO₂ calculation and reporting tool as part of our SkyMind DECARBONIZE™ module.

Based on MIT University's Centre for Transportation and Logistics study, DECARBONIZE™ sets a new standard for accurate emission monitoring. This tool will empower pharma companies to accurately measure CO₂ and pinpoint areas of reduction.

The need to accurately measure CO₂ emissions

As environmental concerns intensify, reducing CO₂ emissions addresses environmental necessities and represents a significant financial factor. For example, a larger pharma company emits approximately 10 million tons of CO₂ annually. To compensate for this with an average cost of $100 per ton, it will cost $1 billion annually. Therefore, reducing CO₂ is also a very effective way to save costs.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has long been a cornerstone of decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry. Originally focused on costs and risks, the traditional TCO equation has evolved to incorporate a crucial third dimension: CO₂ emissions. As a result, the new formula for TCO is Cost + Risk + CO₂.

Pharma companies need to find an optimal solution for this new TCO formula, Cost + Risk + CO₂, that maximizes cost efficiency and minimizes risk while implementing your CO₂ reduction goals.