With the shipping industry in turmoil, Swedish Logtech innovator Adnavem goes against the stream and establishes new regional headquarters in Germany in June. Adnavem is the world's first fully automated multimodal logistics platform, offering digital collaboration between cargo owners and logistics providers. With the new office, the company is set to take a leadership role in the growing US$262 billion container freight industry.

In the last few months, the cost of shipping a container from Asia to Europe has reached record levels. Meanwhile, the business of bringing logistics online is growing, and Adnavem is living proof of this. In 2021, the company saw a 600% year-on-year growth from an already strong 2020. With its new Frankfurt office, the company expects to accelerate this development. 

Adnavem co-founder and CEO Mr. Andreas Wramsmyr says: "We believe that disruptive times is the perfect time to scale up Adnavem's disruptive business model. The Adnavem platform links cargo owners directly to carriers and other logistics service providers in a way that nobody has done before. And the end-to-end automation creates value for both sides." 

Adnavem has been global from the start. The new Frankfurt office is a logical next step on the company's growth roadmap to strengthen the offering for customers in Central Europe. The city is a major transport hub, and Germany is also a start-up powerhouse in Europe, attracting $5.4 billion in venture capital funding in 2020. As Adnavem is looking to execute its next financing round later this year to fund its rapid expansion, the location was an obvious choice.

Daniel Heckel, new Managing Director for the Frankfurt office, adds: "Germany offers a good environment for start-ups. And Frankfurt is a perfect extension to realize Adnavem's vision in Europe. With the new headquarters, Adnavem will contribute to the German Logtech community while also establishing Logistics 4.0 with its digitalized and seamless automation of international freight."