Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO), the leader in optimization for load building and transportation load leveling that reduces total supply chain costs, announces that AutoO2 helps shippers significantly reduce carbon emissions. For one client alone and for the time of one month, the carbon reduction is equivalent to the carbon sequestered annually by 4675 acres of U.S. forests.

“Companies are becoming more focused on saving the environment, and AutoO2 can help to significantly reduce carbon emissions by filling trucks fuller, so shippers don't have to use as many trucks," says Tom Moore, CEO of Transportation | Warehouse Optimization.

The Carbon Savings for one customer for twenty-one days were:

• Number of Historical Truckloads = 867

Historical Metric Tonnes of CO2 emissions = 1778

• Using AutoO2, estimated Truckloads = 718

AutoO2 Planned Metric Tonnes of CO2 emissions = 1556

• Truckload Savings = 149 less trucks or 17% truckload savings

With AutoO2, Metric Tonnes CO2 Savings = 222 or 13% savings

• Estimated Annual Truck Loads Eliminated = 2623

Estimated Annual tonnes CO2 Emissions Eliminated = 3927

These numbers are equivalent to carbon sequestered by:

• 21 days = 265 acres of forest

• 365 days = 4675 acres of forest

AutoO2 is a load-building solution that builds the maximum possible payload that can ship legally and damage-free. One customer reports monthly savings from using it in one warehouse at $85,000. AutoO2 fills loads to 98% of the truck’s capacity vs. 85-90% that is common today. AutoO₂ plans loads that are legal to ship and damage-free—and by increasing the size of shipments, it will reduce freight costs by up to 10%.

AutoO2 integrates with:

• Supply Planning Systems to turn demand into optimized trucks that minimize wasted transportation capacity.

• ERP to break large orders into multiple truck loads and to consolidate customer orders based on the delivery window and available inventory.

• WMS to guide case pickers around the warehouse to create damage-free, well-balanced, and axle-legal loads.