The 400-meter-long Ever Gifted helped set a record in the Suez Canal.

It is one of the world's most important waterways - and now it has set a new record when it managed to get 107 ships with a total capacity of 6.3 million. tons through the Suez Canal in a single day without waiting, says the head of the Suez Authority, Admiral Ossama Rabiee.

The record was achieved by 56 ships in the southbound convoy - incidentally led by one of the world's largest container ships, Ever Gifted, at 400 meters - and 51 ships in the northbound convoy.

And according to Rabiee, the new record would not be possible without the new project, which has managed to make better use of the capacity of the Suez Canal and provide the opportunity for the transit of the very largest ships, such as the Evergreen-owned giant.