The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) - the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce – congratulates those brokers who received their Certified Transportation Broker certification in Trimester 1 2024.

"Congratulations to Trimester 1 graduates. TIA's CTB certification sets logistics professionals apart from their counterparts," said Anne Reinke, president & CEO of TIA. "Receiving your designation signifies that you are indeed the best of the best."

TIA's CTB program offers transportation and freight brokerage professionals the highest broker certificate that exists in the industry and is widely recognized among 3PLs. Over the course of several months, students enrolled in the CTB program learn ways to gain an edge over the competition in marketing, customer service and professional integrity. Graduating from the CTB course is also recognized by 2- and 4-year high education institutions and graduates can receive up to six undergraduate credit hours towards a supply chain management degree.

"Congratulations to the 35 graduates who received their CTB designation in Trimester 1," said Mark Fiorini, president of Westgate Global Logistics in the Lehigh Valley, Pa., and chair of the TIA CTB Committee. "The CTB course has continued to evolve through its recent accreditation, new grading policies and lockdown browsers during the exams. Thus, the achievement earned by each of these logistics professionals is direct evidence of their commitment to continuing education as well as to their companies and the industry as a whole. The CTB Committee looks forward to inviting some of the star performers from the recent Trimester to join in our effort to continuously improve the course."

Those who have received the most recent CTB certification are:

Aide Carroll, CTB Amino Transport Inc, Southlake, Texas

Ansley Smith, CTB Mcleod Software, Birmingham, Ala.

Austin Celii, CTB Shaker Logistics, Waterford, N.Y.

Brock Bonner, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Chad Bushnaq, CTB ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y.

Colin Kelly, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Colton Kryski, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Connor Caldwell, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Corey Sell, CTB Gateway Logistics Services Inc., York, Pa.

Daniel Romero, CTB River Place Logistics, Raleigh, N.C.

Donette Lankford, CTB Southland Brokerage Company, Boonville, N.C.

Grant Ramage, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Griffin David Byrne, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Griffin Durden, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Inderjit Sangha, CTB Brock Logistics Inc., Fresno, Calif.

Jacob M. Brenner, CTB Shaker Logistics, Waterford, N.Y.

Jacob Sichmeller, CTB Volk Transfer, Mankato, Minn.

Jake Madl, CTB ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y.

James R. Grant, CTB Bedrock Logistics, LLC Dallas

Jason Benedict, CTB TSE Transport, Stamford, Conn.

Jean-Philippe Couture, CTB Les Courtiers en Transport G.M.R. Inc., ST-Romuald, QC

Johnny D. Sumara, Jr, CTB L & M Transportation Services, Inc., Raleigh, N.C.

Kelly Manuela Sepulveda Muñoz, CTB UShip Logistics, Austin, Texas

Matthew Werther, CTB Shaker Logistics, Waterford, N.Y.

Michael A. Laws, CTB Sunrise Logistics Inc., Ephrata, Pa.

Michelle Maltby, CTB Keller Logistics, LLC, Defiance, Ohio

Min Shin, CTB Gen4Future Logis Chula, Vista, Calif.

Parker Nowviskie, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Philip S. Byun, CTB UShip Logistics, Austin, Texas

Scott Preston Genthner, CTB Prosponsive Logistics, Atlanta

Skylar Rowe, CTB ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y.

Tessa Angelina Jones, CTB ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y.

Tiffany Reiner, CTB ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y.

Xander Swart, CTB DSV Global Transport & Logistics, Medford, Ore.

Zachary Weimer, CTB ROAR Logistics, Buffalo, N.Y.