TIE Kinetix, a leader in 100% supply chain digitalization, announced today that they have joined SYSPRO’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) ecosystem, a leading global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider specializing in key manufacturing and distribution industries. This will enable SYSPRO users to utilize TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Partner Automation platform to further digitize their supply chain automation processes and automate the exchange of their electronic documents. This extended capability complements and augments SYSPRO’s ERP supply chain solution to enhance specific enterprise business processes.

TIE Kinetix delivers solutions with SYSPRO to provide users with a scalable, affordable solution with a true end-to-end experience. This is an automated solution for SYSPRO users where TIE Kinetix facilitates a fully scalable SaaS platform. With the expanded capabilities, and the utilization of the TIE Kinetix FLOW platform, SYSPRO users can tap into the benefits of having a 24/7 team of global experts to assist them in streamlining procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and end-to-end business processing with trading partners, all while minimizing data entry and errors.

“We’re excited to take the next step in our relationship with SYSPRO. Our collaborative efforts are starting to pay off,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix. “Together with SYSPRO, we will work to enable more (prospective) SYSPRO users to benefit from 100% digitalization of their supply chain.”

Seamless connectivity between systems is no longer a luxury; it’s essential. When it comes to EDI integration with any ERP, a deep understanding of both systems is required for effective document exchange and communication. Therefore, TIE Kinetix and SYSPRO are confident that this offering will further enable them to provide a solution for companies looking to make their processes more efficient while achieving true digital transformation.