Trucker Path, the most comprehensive and fastest growing mobile app for North American commercial truck drivers, today announced a partnership with Loadsmart, a leading digital freight technology company. The agreement between the companies integrates Loadsmart with Trucker Path’s TruckLoads digital freight exchange solution to streamline and offer a better booking experience for drivers and carriers.

“By bringing Loadsmart into Trucker Path’s ecosystem, we will offer more load opportunities to owner-operators and small fleets when and where they need them through a fully seamless digital booking experience,” said Jeff Ogren, SVP of Business Development & Strategy at Trucker Path. “Our mission is to empower and make life easier for the millions of long-haul drivers and carriers who are the backbone of the dynamic freight industry and our national economy as a whole. With this Loadsmart integration, we’re helping them improve utilization and find loads more efficiently, while also allowing them to improve their bottom line. We’re excited to kick off this partnership with Loadsmart, and the enhancements it brings to the steadily growing number of Trucker Path users.”

Since its TruckLoads freight matching load board debuted in 2016, TruckLoads has grown to include nearly 100,000 active carriers. The partnership with Loadsmart follows Trucker Path’s recent executive team expansion, designed to enable the company to push forward new innovations and capabilities that provide a complete, digital freight exchange solution.

With this integration, Trucker Path’s community of drivers and carriers have immediate access to loads on the Loadsmart platform. Priced to move, those loads come with book-instant or bid-on prices. The combination of technologies allows carriers and drivers to use a seamless, digital booking experience, which is extremely efficient and builds trust and transparency for all parties.

“The integration with Trucker Path’s TruckLoads platform will enable us to drive carrier utilization and provide freight hauling opportunities to small carriers and owner operators,” said Jim Nicholon, VP of Operations at Loadsmart. “By partnering with Trucker Path, we are able to tremendously expand our capacity ecosystem and better serve our shipping partners through a more liquid booking experience. This means more eyes on freight that needs to be moved and more opportunities for carriers and drivers to find profitable loads.”