TrueCommerce, a global provider of trading partner connectivity, integration, and unified commerce solutions, has announced today it was positioned in the Leaders category of the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2021 Vendor Assessment report. The research states that, as an established vendor in the SCCN space, TrueCommerce offers a broad set of supply chain applications that extend far beyond a traditional data transportation network that are categorically focused on digitizing, integrating, and automating commerce enablement, procurement, and fulfillment operations.

“It is exciting to see TrueCommerce placed as a Leader in this very competitive category,” said TrueCommerce President and Chief Operating Officer, Todd Johnson. “The report encourages organizations to consider the vendors that have both the existing necessary functionality as well as the future capabilities they will likely need. Since the previous report, TrueCommerce has launched numerous new product integrations and completed several strategic acquisitions helping our customers address current challenges and prepare for what’s coming next.”

Describing the TrueCommerce strengths, the IDC MarketScape points out that TrueCommerce's supply chain applications are directly integrated with the SCCN and a broad set of business systems, offering ease of implementation and rapid expansion in applications across the value chain. The research further states that TrueCommerce's integration gateway offers network participants and their supply chain partners turnkey ERP integrations delivering both more real-time integration of a far broader set of information and a much deeper level of integration with their supply chain. TrueCommerce has built a highly scalable and powerful web-based platform framework that offers users a modern mobile-friendly user experience and a unified experience regardless of supply chain application or user profile.

The IDC MarketScape notes that TrueCommerce also offers a premium level of managed services that extends beyond the typical help desk programs offered by most networks.

“TrueCommerce offers edge-to-edge (network participant to network participant) service including proactive monitoring of transactional activity, assured measure delivery, detail-level validation, proactive error resolution, and multi-enterprise connectivity monitoring,” the report says. “Manufacturing and retail organizations looking for a vendor of both SCCN and SCM applications should consider TrueCommerce. The vendor offers a true partnership for their customers and has become an extension of their internal staff and resources to manage their supply chains. This "releases" resources to explore more strategic avenues for their business.”