This week, Trustd — the first business ID and credentials app that was purpose-built for the supply chain — is launching a new solution: Secure Collect.

Secure Collect is designed to provide shippers — and any verified entity within the supply chain — with complete transparency on exactly who’s collecting and carrying their freight. Using security-protected QR codes and biometric ID technology, including likeness and liveness checks for reference, Secure Collect will only release a specific load from a warehouse or facility to an authorized individual. This new capability will also capture an audit trail of events - including any fraudulent attempts at collection.

The product is the latest in a number of innovative developments from the team at Trustd, who are making it their mission to restore trust in the transport and logistics industry, and eradicate the risk of identity fraud and theft within the supply chain.

Fraudulent activities including impersonation, phishing and double brokering are booming in America, with CargoNet reporting a 57% increase YoY. “Whether you’re a shipper, a driver, a carrier or any other actor in the supply chain, you and your business are going to be targeted sooner or later” says Lyall Cresswell, Trustd CEO and Founder.

“Secure Collect harnesses advanced biometric ID technology, like liveness checks, to provide users with confidence and certainty on who’s visiting their site, picking up their load, and driving their cargo.”

This launch takes Trustd’s effort to prove chain of custody one step further, helping shippers and 3PLs secure their supply chains through accurate digital identity verification, carried out in real-time.

Not only does Secure Collect effectively close the loopholes currently exploited by cargo criminals, it also gives legitimate, reputable actors in the freight community a way to clearly set themselves apart from fraudulent entities.