Turvo announced a partnership with supply chain risk assessment and analytics platform Everstream Analytics. With Everstream’s proprietary end-to-end data feeding into Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud and transportation management software (TMS), Turvo now offers the industry’s most sophisticated shipment-level supply chain risk indicator and mitigation features.

The partnership gives Turvo’s customers enhanced tools and risk insight to respond to events in real-time and manage by exception. Using Turvo’s solutions, supply chain managers can now make proactive logistics decisions in the face of the most challenging supply chain conditions.

Everstream’s AI-powered predictive insights provide real-time data on unexpected events such as weather, congestion, and other factors that could impact the estimated time of arrival or departure of trucks, trains, planes, or ships.

Third-party logistics providers and shippers using Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud can now make changes to the shipment route and proactively inform their customers about upcoming delays or risks. In addition, insights generated by the collaboration allow users of Turvo’s software to make products, network, and transportation planning decisions towards a self-driving, self-healing, and cost-efficient supply chain.

“Given the existing port congestion condition and global supply chain disruptions, incorporating Everstream’s insights into our platform gives our customers the edge they need to manage increasing volatile supply chain conditions,” said Scott Lang, Chairman & CEO, Turvo. “These solutions are particularly valuable for temperature and time-sensitive supply chains like food and beverage retailers, grocery retailers, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.”

“For far too long, companies have been playing a never-ending game of catch-up with events outside their control – weather, supplier issues, port congestion, political unrest, a global pandemic, you name it. You can’t manage what you can’t see, and this collaboration puts critical information in front of the right people,” said Julie Gerdeman, CEO, Everstream.

“Risk intelligence helps companies navigate the uncertain business environment. Successful supply chains manage risk to their competitive advantage,” said Lang. “Turvo together with Everstream Analytics’ insights give supply chain professionals around the world a way to get in front of costly delays and disruptions and provide a better customer experience.”