The Joint stock company “United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance” (UTLC ERA) and the logistics operator Lanzhou Anting PIL Logistics have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding. Both Parties will work to develop China – Europe – China container cargo shipping by rail. UTLC ERA President Alexey Grom and Lanzhou Anting PIL Logistics Board Chairman Fang Chun Yan signed the Memorandum on 5 July 2019 in Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China.

Under the provisions of the memorandum UTLC ERA will be responsible for transit shipping from terminal to terminal via the 1520 mm railway gauge, whereas Lanzhou Anting PIL Logistics will be engaging Chinese customers. The Parties have also agreed to combine their efforts in promoting the route in order to attract new shippers. By signing the Memorandum, both companies expect to lay a foundation for even broader cooperation in the future.
Lanzhou city in Gansu Province is an important transportation hub in North-West China. The special economic and administrative zone Lanzhou New Area (LNA) was opened in 2012 to become the fifth new state level district approved by the Chinese State Council. Its designated area will reach 806 square kilometers with the number of residents exceeding 100 thousand people. LNA is the first new state level district in North-West China designed to ensure the region’s forward-looking development through facilitating the shipment of consumer goods westward.