Vendorflow, a leading SaaS communications provider for the logistics industry, today announced it has raised $1.3 million led by TenOneTen with participation from Amplify.LA, project44 CEO Jett McCandless, Flock Freight CEO Oren Zaslansky, Best Bay Logistics president Param Singh, and former Twilio, Salesforce, and NEXT Trucking leader Bobby Napiltonia.

Founded by CEO Eric Rodriguez and CTO Greg Bujak, Vendorflow's team includes four NEXT Trucking alumni, with industry veteran Jacob McLeod joining the advisory board.

Vendorflow is solving the communication fragmentation challenge in the trucking and logistics industry. Proliferation of logistics apps has created an environment where truckers are expected to use dozens of bespoke apps to perform day-to-day activities. The result is disorganization, poor adoption, and reverting to ad-hoc communication over email, SMS, and phone to complete tasks. Offline communications impede managerial visibility into human processes, limiting their ability to learn and deepen relationships between carrier and customer.

Vendorflow offers a communications layer that sits above the Transportation Management System where operations personnel can communicate with carriers in contextual, purpose-driven threads for tasks such as booking loads, gathering rates, collecting documents, and status checks. The system learns carrier communication preferences and facilitates omnichannel communication across email and SMS, with plans to support automated IVR calls and popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Early adopters report carrier responsiveness up to 90% faster when communicating via the carrier's preferred channel.

project44 CEO Jett McCandless said, "Vendorflow is closing a major visibility gap created from offline communications by bringing everyday logistics partner interactions into core supply-chain systems."

TenOneTen Partner Minnie Ingersoll said, "Vendorflow provides a novel solution to the logistics-software fragmentation problem, with huge viral and network effect opportunity as more logistics professionals communicate via their platform. We're thrilled to back another LA tech company solving critical logistics challenges."

Best Bay Logistics president Param Singh said, "Best Bay is excited to collaborate with Vendorflow on developing a solution that reaches carriers where they are, instead of vice versa."

CEO Eric Rodriguez said, "Much like how scheduling app Calendly found a balance between structured interaction and low adoption friction for all parties, the logistics industry is ready to graduate beyond burdensome carrier apps and chaotic offline communications to a standard that balances interaction sophistication with minimal friction to the communicating parties."