Industry leaders Verusen, an innovator in materials intelligence, and Silver Birch Finance (“Silver Birch”), a specialist working capital advisory and execution firm, today unveiled their partnership addressing supply chain visibility and working capital optimization. The companies announced their partnership at this week’s Global Trade Review’s GTR US 2022 Conference in New York City.

Verusen and Silver Birch will collaborate to help corporations optimize the management and financing of their inventory positions. Verusen’s specialized AI platform and 360-degree approach to helping multinational companies optimize their supply chains, results in increased visibility on material inventory, spend and risk, and trends that enable enterprises to maximize their inventory positions and financing requirements. Silver Birch’s experienced team - brought together from across industry, finance and professional services - bridge the multi-trillion-dollar trade financing gap between global corporations and international financial institutions by delivering high-quality working capital solutions in a format that is simpler to finance than has traditionally existed.

Silver Birch will offer Verusen’s technology to corporate clients to provide additional insight into their inventory requirements and enable informed decision-making on strategic inventory financing decisions. The combined offering provides actionable working capital solutions underpinned by quantitative and qualitative data to support prioritization and effective resource allocation. As a result, organizations benefit from additional, increasingly efficient capital liquidity that enables sustainable growth initiatives while bringing improved levels of control, transparency, and resilience into supply chains with enhanced counterparty relationships.

“Verusen’s AI platform provides us and our clients with materials intelligence,” said Sean Hanafin, CEO Silver Birch Finance. “These insights significantly enhance Silver Birch’s value proposition to corporate clients and financial institutions by providing increased transparency and enhanced decision-making capabilities. This further reinforces our capabilities in the inventory space and, as a result, measurably enhances the value proposition for our clients.”

“Verusen’s global partnership with Silver Birch Finance is a big win for large corporations looking to propel their businesses by optimizing inventory, spend, and working capital,” said Paul Noble, Founder & CEO of Verusen. “By providing one single view across systems, processes, and people, enterprises can expect a simple, configurable, and sustainable solution to help customers optimize their working capital and reduce risk across their supply networks. We have great synergy working with Silver Birch Finance, where our technology complements the unique financing options that Silver Birch brings to hundreds of different companies.”