Have you ever attended a logistics networking conference that offered something other than stuffy hotel conference rooms or massive exhibition halls? If not then you might regret having missed the 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 that was held in Hua Hin, Thailand from 24-28 February with over 400 in attendance to celebrate the 5th anniversary of X2 Logistics Networks.

Nicknamed the X2 Beach House, the Dusit Thani Hua Hin served as the venue for the 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 where attendees were treated to not only some of the most professional 1:1 Meetings in the industry but also a welcoming X2 Pool Side Meet & Greet to break the ice, the festival-like Mad Hatter’s Garden Party, and a spectacular Gala Dinner followed by the creation of Club X2 that transformed a 1:1 Meeting Room into an exclusive club with lights, smoke, and a well known DJ behind the turntables.

Over the course of the entire event over 12,500 1:1 Meetings were held. Juno Weng, Overseas Director of AIF Global Logistics commented that, “This is [my] 3rd meeting, and I’m really impressed with the meetings this time because the meetings have been more productive this time than last year. And I had a great time.”

Looking back at previous X2 Annual Conferences it’s clear that the network offers more with its events than tired meeting rooms and regimented networking schedules. Instead X2 emphasizes open networking by creating social events that present ample opportunities to expand networking possibilities.

Why does X2 maintain its now traditional format even if larger networks don’t? According to X2 Group Founder & CEO Richard Overton, “The X2 Conference is an experience and that’s what we want it to be. When people are having fun and enjoying themselves their real personalities come out and you get to really know your partners and potential partners. It’s easy to hide behind presentations in a meeting hall. But much easier to show your true self at a pool party, a festival with hot air balloons, and exclusive ‘pop-up night club’ while having fun with new friends.”

Dean Locke, Director of Royale International had this to say about the conference, "A big thumb’s up to the X2 Group. A sensational 4 days in Hua Hin of alternative networking. I can not stress enough the exceptional quality of the overall event. Both from a business and a social standpoint. Team Royale are looking forward to 2019."

Humberto Varela of Altius S.A. said, "(The Meetings) were very good. Every partner is coming with business in hand and looking for opportunities in our offices' countries. It's really really good."

Although business is the focus of all X2 Annual Conferences, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the network X2 went big. So big that X2 brought in 5 hot air balloons from the opposite end of the country as the centerpiece of the Mad Hatter’s Garden Party to emphasize the event theme of “Rising Above”. Clearing the use of airspace wasn’t an easy process as special permissions were required from Thai authorities. At the event the balloons proved to be a breathtaking site and attendees thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get into the basket for stunning aerial views.

With the immediate positive feedback from attendees, the risks that were taken in trying some very different elements that have never been seen before at logistics networking events paid off with attendees reporting an overwhelmingly positive experience. However, not only has that positive feedback been a relief to the X2 Team and a reward for a job well done,  but it has also provided a path forward towards even greater potential in future X2 Logistics Networks business networking events. Although the 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 has just ended, the X2 Team is already looking to the future.