Yale Lift Truck Technologies announces Power Key™, a one-of-a-kind solution engineered to provide flexibility in a world of increasing electric power options. Expanding on the previous offering, lithium-ion-ready lift trucks, Power Key allows operations to easily switch among not only lead-acid and lithium-ion, but now also thin plate pure lead (TPPL) battery modes, without external accessories. Like lithium-ion, TPPL produces zero emissions and enables opportunity charging but offers a lower acquisition cost, attributes that make it a strong consideration as a lift truck power option for some warehouses.

“From charging and battery maintenance responsibilities to emissions, lift truck motive power has huge implications for warehouse labor, productivity and sustainability,” says Brad Long, Brand Manager, Yale Lift Truck Technologies. “Unrestricted choice is critical for warehouses to get their most efficient power source and supplier. But choice alone is not enough. This solution is a direct answer to customer demand for flexibility, equipping warehouses with seamlessly integrated technology that makes it fast and easy to transition among all three battery types.”

Power Key is especially valuable for:

  • Operations that have mixed fleets and need to continue to use lead-acid or are planning to transition to a fully maintenance-free fleet over time.
  • Equipment used at multiple sites within an operation.
  • Companies focused on accomplishing sustainability goals or regulations compliance.
  • Electrification of internal combustion engine (ICE) fleets.
  • Added resale value and broader buyer base for used equipment.

Power Key is available on a broad lineup of electric lift truck models, including select narrow aisle rider, walkie pallet jacks, rider pallet trucks and sit-down counterbalanced trucks. Power Key-enabled trucks utilize an electronic Controller Area Network (CANbus) to handshake between the qualified supplier battery and the truck. To switch between power sources and battery suppliers, operators simply use the truck display or controller.

When used with qualified lithium-ion and TPPL batteries, Power Key-enabled trucks also feature a battery-state-of-charge display incorporated within the system – no secondary display required – as well as a battery protection system that triggers the truck to engage a controlled shutdown when the battery reaches full discharge. In lithium-ion or TPPL mode, a low battery early warning system (EWS) also provides the operator with multiple warnings that the truck needs to be charged, based on timing that varies according to the approved battery supplier. For additional insight into battery performance and life, operations can access data through Yale Vision, an optional telemetry system.