Mexican fresh export success reflects global industry

Skyrocketing North American fruit and vegetable imports are coming from many sources.
Global produce industry shines at refreshing new convention

The first-ever Global Produce & Floral Show (GPFS) burst onto the scene in Orlando Oct. 27-29.
Betting on berries and other healthy foods

USDA’s “U.S. Agricultural Projections” report, published in February 2021, shows a 2019 value of $22.9 billion for fresh fruits and vegetables imported to the U.S.

A South American fruit jam in Philly
Latin American fresh produce exports to US rising

Produce imports into the United States have been growing and now account for roughly half of the country’s total consumption.
Is breakbulk the shipping solution for Latin American produce?

To better manage fruit arrivals, Kopke said, “We need to move to breakbulk ships.” Fifty years ago, the Chilean business started with breakbulk service, which declined as container lines came in and offered lower freight rates. As competition decreased, container rates doubled and even tripled. Now, Kopke bemoans, “We pay more and have no service.”
Wind energy components dominate Texas port project cargo

Texas’ seaports enjoy a variety of project cargo. That’s a broad industry category. Along Texas’ Gulf Coast, though, there are a couple dominant trades.
Texas booming with ‘NAFTA 2.0’

South Texas’ economic growth is booming in large part because of the NAFTA treaty, in Dante Galeazzi’s view.
Port of Brownsville gets boost from USMCA

International trade through the Port of Brownsville, TX, is booming.
Amerijet handled pharma challenges long before COVID-19

Established and steady within the busyness of pharmaceutical industry logistical challenges is Amerijet.

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