Trucking industry facing fundamental shifts in 2023

Data points to more contract carriage and away from spot market
Stuck in the Mississippi mud

U.S. agricultural exports fall victim to drought and low river levels. The conundrum of the ag transportation is the barges on the Mississippi River move north-to-south while rail routes run east-to-west.
OSRA 22 rulemaking seen as not protecting ag exporters’ interests

Agriculture shippers complain proposed FMC reg allows carriers too much leeway.
Bi-State Motor Carriers’ President says things are better but still pretty tough

Lisa Yakomin, president of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers, says conditions have improved for truckers working the Port of New York/New Jersey. That’s the good news, but falling cargo volumes are a worry.
Wind projects face growing objections… on environmental grounds

If litigation is successful, offshore leases may be in jeopardy.
Breakbulk continues growth in 2022, but how long can it last?

The supply-chain constraints, spiking rates, and container dislocations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic saw some cargoes switching to breakbulk from containers in recent years.
Biden’s Buy Clean policy should boost domestic steel

U.S. industry emits less carbon than global alternatives.
The Shipping Association of New York and New Jersey: Navigating a thicket of bi-state issues

President John Nardi explains the name “change,” positions on port employment issues, and interstate controversy.
Progress at the Port of NY/NJ: “Everything’s moving along.”

New Port Commerce Director Bethann Rooney tackles infrastructure, and environmental priorities.
Port of New York/New Jersey challenged by west-to-east cargo diversions

New empty container fee motivates carriers to evacuate excess boxes clogging port.

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