The CPTPP’s Ratification Clears way for Enforcement, but it is also Causing Nervousness Among U.S. Shippers

Wendy Cutler, the Vice President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and a former acting deputy U.S. Trade Representative, who had also negotiated the then U.S. led 12-member Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), could hardly conceal her disappointment when asked by this correspondent at a recent discussion at the Asia Society in New York to share her thoughts on the U.S. withdrawal from the TPP. She called it a “mistake”.
Kazakhstan eyes growth in breakbulk traffic while building new infrastructure aimed at making it a transit cargo hub

Building on its strategic location, the landlocked Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan is hoping to become a transit cargo hub between China and Europe – and further extend its reach to North America – and thus also boost its cargo traffic, including the breakbulk segment.
Building terminals is key to India’s goal of establishing viable logistics hubs – Gujarat State sets the pace

Indian shipping experts have long recognized that building terminals and shipping infrastructure is key to India’s foreign trade; they are convinced that logistics constitutes the backbone of a nation’s economic activity.
Leipzig/Halle Airport aims to become Germany’s air cargo hub

Encouraged by the German Government’s stated aim to promote passenger and cargo traffic at the Leipzig/Halle airport in Eastern Germany – this is contained in the text of the coalition agreement signed between Germany’s ruling coalition parties, the conservative Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union and the Social Democratic Party – the airport is trying to become Germany’s cargo hub. Leipzig/Halle is presently the country’s second biggest cargo airport, in terms of cargo tonnage, behind Frankfurt/Main airport.
Ukraine’s Metinvest CEO says Section 232-based steel tariff imposition is not an “ideal solution”

Openly airing his views about the controversial Section 232 of the Trade Act, under which the Trump administration has imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on imports, Yuriy Ryzhenkov, the chief executive officer of Ukraine’s Metinvest Group, said that Section 232 had resulted in a rise in steel prices.
Section 232 loomed large at New York Steel Conference

While U.S. steelmakers applauded the steel tariffs, there were many who saw the “age of protectionism” descending on America. Global trade could suffer collateral damage.
Port of Brownsville positions itself as a “gateway” to Mexico and Latin America

The mood at the “gateway” to Mexico and Latin America, as Port of Brownsville (PoB) likes to profile itself, is upbeat as it tries to implement its expansion plans, aided by the prospect of a number of big-ticket projects being set up on its land.
European ports are optimistic but fear trade war could disrupt shipping and cargo traffic

Despite the optimism generally prevalent among most European ports, which have benefited in the past from the tailwinds accompanying world trade, representatives of these ports express concern over the possible impact of the U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Trans-Atlantic trade and shipping.
Europeans on tenterhooks amid fears of outbreak of a trade war

Reporting from Frankfurt, Germany, AJOT correspondent Manik Mehta writes Europeans are unhappy with the Trump Administration’s moves on steel and aluminum, a policy being referred to as the “theater of the absurd” by an Austrian industrialist. Is this the prelude to a trade war?
Baltic Ports see business opportunities inherent in Polar Silk Road to China

Ports in the Baltic region are building up an effective trading route, the Polar Silk Road, to China with some Nordic shippers touting it as a “win-win” situation. While the hyperbole may mask some of the infrastructure issues that still need to be sorted out, the Baltic ports see business opportunities inherent in the Polar Silk Road to increase their tonnage volume resulting from rising trade with China.

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