Facts on status of GT USA-Port Canaveral agreement 

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  • Canaveral Port Authority awaits the completion of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval process to move forward with expanding our cargo operations and creating jobs and business opportunities for Brevard County and central Florida.
  • Early in the negotiations, the Port Authority requested a CFIUS review by the Treasury Department and other appropriate federal agencies. GT USA willingly agreed, even though a CFIUS review is not required by law because we have a lease agreement with no purchase of Port assets involved.
  • The CFIUS application began on May 14, 2014, prior to the signing of the lease agreement and well ahead of Congressman Hunter’s request.
  • The Treasury Department has notified a port attorney to expect a response on the CFIUS filing by early September.
  • With construction under way and proceeding well, we remain confident that the container terminal will receive all needed clearances and approvals to begin operating in March 2015.
  • Contrary to the inaccurate statements in the Washington Times, the Port Authority will continue to operate overall Port operations.
  • As part of the contract, a minimal of 95 percent of the terminal staff will be local U.S. citizens. GT USA’s senior management are U.S. and British citizens and any other short-term, start-up staff would require a visa. Port employees will operate the cranes and work in partnership with GT USA staff at the terminal.
  • The container terminal will be subject to all security laws with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol responsible for processing all incoming containers. Goods received will arrive off the same ships currently delivering to terminals at other U.S. ports. CBP will clear or pull any container as it exits the gate, including radiation portal monitoring, x-ray and manifest review.
  • Additional security measures include U.S. Coast Guard review and approvals; Brevard Sheriff Department and Port security patrols; 24/7 monitored CCTV systems, and with a recently awarded Homeland Security grant—Advanced Security Systems and cyber-security.
  • The 20-acre terminal and its 20-acre expansion area, including entry/exit gate, will be located adjacent to the U.S. Coast Guard Base at Port Canaveral.


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