Digital Marketing Material Requirements

Leaderboard Position

728px x 90px


Ad size for Leaderboard 728 pixels in width, and 90 pixels high. Also include a 320 pixel by 100 pixel sized banner for mobile viewing., and AIRFREIGHT.NEWS

Full Banner Newsletter

468px x 60px


Ad size for Full Banner Banner must be 468 pixels in width, and must be 60 pixels high. This size is for newsletters, and AIRFREIGHT.NEWS

Note: Animations in some email programs only show Frame 1.


300px x 250px


Ad size for Rectangle 300 pixels in width, and 250 pixels high., and AIRFREIGHT.NEWS.

Note: Animations in some email programs only show Frame 1.

Small Rectangle

180px x 150px


Ad size for Small Rectangle Banner must be 180 pixels in width, and must be 150 pixels high. newsletters only.

Note: Animations in some email programs only show Frame 1.

High Impact Graphic

2560px x 640px | 2560px x 125px
600px x 338px | 600px x 100px


Ad sizes required for High-Impact Expandable Banner must include all of the following sizes. Website only.

  • Desktop Tall: 2560 pixels in width, and must be 640 pixels high.
  • Desktop Short: 2560 pixels in width, and must be 125 pixels high.
  • Mobile Tall: 600 pixels in width, and must be 338 pixels high.
  • Mobile Short: 600 pixels in width, and must be 100 pixels high.
High Impact Graphic


Recommended content consists of short title of about 50 characters, short lead description around 25 words and body copy up between 500-1500 words. Sponsored content can contain images, and one non-logo image 1200px x 900 required. Contact sales for more in depth information and options.

All web advertising material and questions should be sent to: [email protected] Banner Specifications:

  • All creative materials due 5 business days prior to start date
  • All website images/logos should be 72DPI, GIF or JPEG file format - RGB color format.
  • All text information should be in a format for easy editing.
  • Please ensure all e-mail/web links are in working order.

Max File Size: 100kb (some exceptions apply, recommended 40kb)

Animation recommendation: 4 frames, 3 loops**

Include: Referring URL and include “alt” text or captions whenever possible

Website Formats: JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, HTML5, 3rd Party Tags***

Email Formats: JPG, GIF, PNG*, Animated GIF**

* PNG files do not appear in some Microsoft Outlook Email programs.

** Animated GIFs in some Microsoft’s Outlook Email programs show only the first frame. Consider having the full message on the first frame to cater to this platform.

*** 3rd party ads are not always responsive friendly and may not display on mobile devices as intended.

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