Florence makes landfall near Port of Wilmington
North Carolina port officials don’t expect the Port of Wilmington to reopen until at least Tuesday or Wednesday in the wake of Hurricane Florence.
La Spezia: Turning the trade map of Europe upside down
The shape of the Italian peninsula is most often thought of as a boot, but it can also be seen as a huge pier stretching into the Mediterranean Sea.
‘Patently unfair’ tariffs imperiling U.S. port infrastructure advances
Beyond projected depression of trade volumes with Asia, U.S. ports are facing a less-publicized but equally real threat related to tariff imposition: High duties on container cranes and other cargo-handling infrastructure.
Krusel selected to develop Port of Québec container terminal project
Mario Girard, President and CEO of the Québec Port Authority (QPA), has announced that Don Krusel, architect of a spectacular transformation of the Port of Prince Rupert, has been appointed managing director of the Port of Québec’s project to build a container terminal.
Toyota wins Port of Long Beach approval for fuel cell powered auto terminal
Toyota has won approval to build its first zero emission auto terminal at the Port of Long Beach powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The current terminal will be renovated and should be operational in about eighteen months, according to a Toyota spokesman.
Statoil/Equinor plans US $12 billion in renewable energy projects
Norway’s oil and gas giant, Statoil, which has been renamed Equinor, has made major investments in renewable energy technologies and plans for $12 billion more in the next twelve years.
Air Cargo rules and restrictions to consider
There are plenty of advantage to using air freight forwarding services that professional logistics companies offer. After all, it’s faster, more practical and easier to navigate. However, there are certain downsides to this method of cargo transportation.
Quality service vital to prudent cost management as agency clause drives ‘race to the bottom’
There’s a new air of cautious optimism among vessel owners and supply chains as bulker, container, ro-ro and cruise markets recalibrate, signalling a switch from survival mode to recovery for the shipping sector.
Lanetix LxRoadFreight fills critical niche in freight market
Lanetix recently launched the software suite LxRoadFreight, which is specifically designed for domestic freight brokers and trucking firms. The suite offers out-of-the-box solutions that stand to place the smaller domestic freight brokers and trucking firms on a digital par with industry powerhouses.
Port operations reach new highs
Earlier this month the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) signed an agreement with Wilhelmsen Ship Services (WSS) and Airbus to develop an unmanned air system (UAS) to assist in various port and ship operations.

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