Giving lobster the cold shoulder
Last year China mirrored our taste for live lobster as export demand grew 7.4% to 55,500 tons at a value of over $126 million. In fact, total exports from Maine contributed around $1 billion to the state’s economy.
Happy 4th of July - Your freight has been stolen!
Happy Fourth of July, your freight has been stolen. It could happen and does with greater frequency on holidays and weekends all across America. That’s the message – or more accurately part of the message - Scott Cornell, head of the SIG (Special Investigations Group) at Travelers Insurance has been dispensing to the freighting community over the past 25 years.
Happy Birthday America! Your Infrastructure is Calling
It’s almost biblical how that imaginative power of those who in a short time created America’s infrastructure has driven this country’s business growth for decades and allowed it to produce and maintain a world-leading financial engine.
ABB collaboration with Ballard advances fuel cell ships
Electronics maker, ABB, and Ballard Power Systems, a maker of fuel cell technology have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop the next-generation zero emission/ fuel cell power system for ships.
Corvus Energy will build new automated marine battery factory in Norway
New demand for ferries, cruise ships and offshore supply vessels is driving battery-maker Corvus Energy to build a new automated factory in Bergen, Norway.
Returns, blockchain lead opportunities, according to presenters at SMC3 event
Logistics providers have hundreds of billions of dollars of opportunities related to returns of purchases and blockchain implementation, according to presentations at SMC3’s Connections 2018 collaborative supply chain intelligence conference.
Maersk Says Batteries Could Be Deployed On Container Ships By 2020
Maersk container ships could be deploying batteries to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 2020.
Export trends in South America
It may not be the biggest or the most populous continent in the world, but South America plays an amazingly big and important role in the World Economy.
NBA legend West tips off Connections at Greenbrier
When it comes to true success, basketball legend Jerry West and supply chain organization leader Heather Sheehan appear to be on the same team.
33’ Twin Trailers, the debate rolls on
Earlier this month the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) held their annual meeting with Congress to discuss various topics important to 3-PLs and cargo owners. On their agenda was the issue of nationwide approval for the use of twin 33’ trailers on our highways.

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