Fednav announces change at the top
A major corporate leadership change has been announced at Fednav Limited, Canada’s largest ocean-going dry bulk shipowning and chartering group as well as operator of 12 terminals on the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and the East and Gulf coasts.
Taking the Helm - It’s Your Freight!
Whether you use an intermediary or navigate the often confusing sea of logistic choices one fact remains, it's your merchandise and you need to understand how it moves.
TIR - Crossing Boarders, Opening Frontiers
The TIR Carnet is the only global "in-transit" document in existence today with over 35,000 road operators worldwide authorized to execute 1.5 million border crossings each year.
PMA/ILWU Will Discuss Contract Extension
In a potential breakthrough for Pacific Coast labor peace, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) announced that it will begin discussions with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) to extend the current PMA/ILWU contract which expires in 2019.
Paying The Freight: Accessorial Charges - What’s fair?
The British International Freight Association recently supported the latest challenge by UK shippers against ocean freight surcharges. For years the Global Shippers Forum, National Industrial Transportation League and the ESC have also been complaining about carrier surcharges on behalf of their members. Let’s examine some of these charges, consider why they were enacted and see if they have any merit.
Lack of federal funds is leaving ro-ro ports high and dry
With new vehicle sales and production in North America still running at record levels, the region’s vehicle-handling ports are running out of room. Larger vessels, sometimes arriving in bunches, are putting more pressure on terminals and yard space. Land for expansion, meanwhile, is hotly contested because port authorities have competing claims on its use, whether with the much larger container trade, or with real estate developers keen to invest in waterfront property.
Bugs in the Box
The Asian Longhorn, native to China and other Asian countries, was now threatening the mass destruction of trees almost seven thousand miles away. It was inconceivable! How could this happen?
Helen Bentley: Waterfront Rocky
Former Republican Congresswoman Helen Bentley, who died on August 6that the age of 92 years old, was a leading proponent of the U.S. Merchant Marine, the Jones Act, the Port of Baltimore and an outspoken opponent of U.S. trade deals that she believed outsourced U.S. jobs and technology.
Amazon - Primed for Flight
The E-commerce giant Amazon is set to unveil the latest phase in its logistics program.
Low Sulfur Emissions - The bigger picture
In 2006 the ports of L.A. and Long Beach in conjunction with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) began working on a comprehensive plan to improve air quality in the region.

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