3G, provider of 3Gtms, a leading transportation management system (TMS), today announced the latest release of its 3Gtms software for freight brokers, 3PLs and omnichannel shippers. 3Gtms 21.3 includes user experience enhancements that provide actionable insights during carrier sourcing, improves workflow automation associated with back-office tasks and supports stricter financial controls.

“The transportation themes that were prevalent in 2021 - most notably market volatility, tightening freight capacity and the resulting impact on freight rates - will continue into 2022,” said 3G Chief Product Officer, Ron Lee. “The 3Gtms 21.3 release is timely, as it reiterates the need to reinforce successful 2021 practices, such as investing in innovative sourcing tools, handling load and financial controls to help pivot during the capacity crunch and helping 3PLs and freight brokers secure more loads and establish lasting customer relationships.” 

The key 3Gtms 21.3 enhancements reflect a commitment to continuous improvements in user experience, providing customers with an advantage in operational efficiency and helping users make quicker, smarter decisions.

Better understand market rate dynamics: Improvements made to Load Cost History allow users to quickly retrieve a configurable list of historical loads and their costs based on the attributes of a current selected load. Additional load and carrier filters are available to further refine the results allowing for easier cost, profit and margin comparisons, in addition to comparisons with historical DAT Rate Indexes.

Cover loads more efficiently: Users are now able to source the right carrier for a load directly in the Load Management Workspace. Growing a freight brokerage or 3PL is about quickly finding the “right” capacity; it could be a matter of geographic service areas, price, commodity coverage, equipment type, mode, or carrier certifications (e.g., Carb Compliance). Additionally, a user can add a spot rate, make a carrier call (or email) log entry, post an available truck, select carriers for a Broadcast Offer, check the feasibility of a carrier and carrier rankings, all when Load Cost History is initiated from a load.

Better document management: 3G has added an additional layer of financial control and carrier management through system configurations that specify the documents that are required on a load as well as which ones should be attached to customer invoices. Financial approval processes check for the receipt of all mandatory documents to ensure a seamless customer billing experience.

Extended rate type support: Many cartage and fleet carriers charge based on the amount of time it takes to execute a load. The most sophisticated rating engine in the industry has been enhanced to calculate a rate based on the duration of a load, from start to finish.

These enhancements provide additional functionality across the full suite of 3Gtms capabilities, including carrier rating, load planning, shipping execution, freight audit, customer billing and reporting.