With rising competition in the transportation sector, many companies need to embrace the newest trends in need to survive. The improvement of the quality of the services as well as deploying new existing technologies is what will keep their businesses alive. You might want to check the winning strategies and technologies in the transport industry if you want to contribute to your business success.

Truck at sunrise
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The more transport is smoother and hassle-free – the better. It is mostly manifested through the rise of MaaS (mobility-as-a-service). However, the new trends in transportation tech are combined into integrated transportation and travel, with minimal checkpoints and stoppages. Minor changes are optimization infrastructure, creating mobility hubs, building platforms for ticketless travel as well as adding innovations in micro-mobility and last-mile connections.

Frictionless and Integrated Travel

One of the biggest trends when it comes to transportation technology is the adoption of cloud-based systems. All the platforms in the cloud ask for a SaaS(software-as-a-service) model that opens opportunities for better scalability and usage of innovative digital resources for the companies. Undoubtedly, with this trend companies can reach higher profitability and return on-premise capabilities.

Cloud-Based Systems

This technology might not be quite perfect, and still need improvements and overcoming certain obstacles, but it is one of the transportation future trends. Self-navigating management systems will become a part of every transportation system. Driverless software that will allow you efficiently operate with heavy traffic on urban roads will certainly be the new attraction for big companies that rely on transport, which most of the companies are very dependent on.

Self-Driving Trucks

Companies that are using transport in their daily business cycle (logistics, e-commerce, and retail companies) are focusing more on offering better visibility and traceability of the products that became a popular trend in the transportation industry this year. There are possible thefts of the locations of the fleets and items in transit, so companies might need to use some security protocols using GPS and avoid losses in their board.

Visibility and Anti-Theft GPS

For a company to stay competitive in the market it needs to provide better quality services. Delivery is very crucial for businesses and optimization of the last mile and on-time delivery right to the customer’s home is one of the biggest trends in transport and logistics for 2021. To achieve better delivery services, companies are aiming to outsource their products along with their responsibilities to a logistics and offshore development center.

Address Delivery

As soon as drones appeared, they were included in the last-mile deliveries in less than an hour. The Covid-19 situation has also adopted this new way of contactless transportation and motivated many known companies to adopt it.

Drone Delivery

One of the transformative technology trends in logistics and transportations is using blockchain technology. Besides the accuracy of performance history records, blockchain allow second users to know how the vehicle was used and have more trustworthy information with all of the sides included.

Blockchain Technology in Logistics

Another use of blockchain in logistics is measuring the capacity of the freight vehicle. In most cases, the price of the transportation depends on the cargo volume. Technology sensors can determine the space the cargo occupies and calculate the shipment costs.