Robotics startup sets its sights on creating fully automated warehouses to meet growing global supply chain demand

Addverb Technologies (Addverb), an automation solutions provider for warehouses and factories, announces its expansion into North and South America. The announcement comes on the heels of $132 million in funding from Reliance Industries. This expansion establishes an experienced U.S. leadership team with more than four decades of robotics, manufacturing, and business development experience.

The U.S. subsidiary office will be led by Mark Messina, who has joined as the CEO of Addverb Technologies USA Inc. Messina carries two decades of experience in building, developing, and scaling global engineering, manufacturing, and operations. Messina is joined by Luke Lee, Marketing Head of Americas at Addverb, who brings 10+ years of business development and marketing experience, with a recent focus on the robotics sector. The team has worked collectively across companies including Amazon, Mattel, Geek+, and Hai Robotics.

The demand for automation is rising thanks to pandemic supply chain disruptions, combined with an increase in home deliveries. The global warehouse robotics market size is expected to grow from $4.7 billion in 2021 to $9.1 billion by 2026, with the US market being a significant portion of this demand. By designing and manufacturing its own hardware and software, Addverb has been able to design and deliver innovative, efficient, and flexible solutions for customers across different industries on a global scale. 

“The supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic have accelerated the demand for automation globally and we are looking forward to expanding US and EMEA operations to deliver the next generation of Industry 4.0 automation to the customers,” says Sangeet Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Addverb Technologies. “We are delighted to onboard Mark and Luke, to drive our continuing efforts to strengthen and scale the business in the US. We hope that the duo will take Addverb Technologies to new highs, making it the mark for a robotic solution.”

Addverb has pioneered human-robot collaboration since its launch in 2016; its extensive product portfolio delivers innovative solutions by merging both fixed and flexible automation. The company offers autonomous mobile robots, carton shuttles, picking technologies, automated storage and retrieval systems, warehouse management and execution software, and industrial IoT solutions to streamline warehouse automation and increase productivity, accuracy, and safety.