AECOM Technology Corporation, a leading provider of professional, technical and management support services for public and private clients joins Shell in announcing the opening of Shell’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling lanes for heavy-duty commercial trucks in the United States. AECOM provided centralized project management services including programming, design, comprehensive environmental permitting and construction management.

The LNG fueling lanes, located at a truck stop in Ontario, California, represent the first of 20 locations AECOM will build for Shell throughout the country. Each location will include LNG storage tanks, pumps and cryogenic piping systems, automation and control systems, dispensers, as well as civil and electrical infrastructure related to site safety and operations.

“AECOM is proud to partner with Shell to create new markets for its natural gas products and advance alternative energy solutions,” said Bob Weber, AECOM’s chief executive, resources & industry. “By making LNG more readily available, heavy-duty commercial trucks will be able to access a long-term, cost-competitive fuel option that can help lower its users’ greenhouse gas emissions and operational budgets.”

“Our integrated team of permitting, design and construction specialists is working in close collaboration with Shell,” added Thomas Rathburn, first vice president of AECOM’s Tishman Construction operation. “We’re focused on delivering safety, security, performance and value to Shell for the nationwide program.”

AECOM is a long-term provider of integrated professional and construction management services to oil and gas companies in North America and around the world. In addition to supporting retail-supply, storage and distribution assets, AECOM provides services to exploration and production, pipeline, and refining operations projects. The firm has also been recognized for its commitment to its oil and gas clients’ health, safety and environment values.