Aeronet Worldwide and Neele-Vat Logistics, two of the top providers of logistics solutions in America and the Netherlands, respectively, have announced a new partnership which will strengthen their dual import/export services between those territories.

This venture is a two-way partnership, with business originating in both the U.S. and the Netherlands.

Having previously worked together on and off for the past 14 years, this newest partnering will strengthen the existing relationship, while streamlining and expediting shipping within the lane segment, all with an eye towards expanded resources and cost-effectiveness.

Along with the knowledge garnered from having previously worked together, Aeronet and Neele-Vat each boast some of the most experienced veterans within the global logistics industry. By collaborating so closely, they are able to leverage the combined expertise.

Based out of Rotterdam, Neele-Vat stands as one of the largest logistics providers in all of the Netherlands. They offer tailored solutions across the supply chain—single domestic shipments, as well as multimodal and international. This has not only made them one of the most trusted names in logistics in their own country, but throughout Europe.

Formed in 1982, originally to serve the burgeoning Bay Area tech industry, Aeronet Worldwide has since expanded into a global logistics solution provider that serves a variety of vertical market sectors, including automotive, tech, industrial, medical and warehousing.

The partnership between Aeronet and Neele-Vat is currently underway.