An optimized TMS (transportation management system) is an integral part of intelligent transportation optimization, freight optimization, and even supply chain optimization these days.

But what exactly is an optimized TMS? And how does it help trucking firms and their customers with smart load section, trip planning, and driver selection?

An optimized TMS is a very different beast from a classic TMS.

Unlike older TMS—which aim to ensure freight optimization while relying on older processes and sometimes outdated or delayed information—an optimized TMS is designed to lower transportation costs by as much a 30-40%, improve logistics efficiencies and productivity, and provide real-time visibility that enables proactive actions and responses.

Using an optimized TMS to make your best decisions and meet business objectives.

A responsive, cloud-based optimized TMS helps trucking companies avoid some of the everyday supply chain disruptions that can frustrate customers and create havoc for trucking firms—all things to avoid during uncertain times with tight capacity.

An optimized TMS is designed and operated in the cloud to automate decision-making. By employing real-time data that supports proactive, real-time decisions, smart load selection, trip planning, driver selection, and tour planning, optimized TMS users:

Gain efficiencies and logistics operations productivity. Employing a proven, well-engineered optimization engine helps the user create optimized transportation plans, schedules, routes, and select the best driver with the right skills for the job. An optimized TMS also helps trucking firms choose the most profitable loads and shows the best loads for drivers, taking into account their hours of service and personal preferences. It employs features like driver pay modules, ELD connections, a live dispatch board for maximum fleet flexibility, and asset and driver management functions.

Take advantage of unique algorithms.

Designed by optimizations experts, these algorithms let users evaluate tens of thousands of options within seconds to make the best decision every time. Software enables users to fine-tune some decisions, but an optimized TMS helps users make the best decisions, save time, and improve operations across their organization.

Gain real-time visibility and improve customer service and satisfaction. With real-time visibility, automatic updates, and sharable digital load tracking updates on the truck and load location, users can automatically share data, including with customers. Further, this data-sharing is designed to reduce expenses and disruptions for customers, who can better manage their resources and identify inefficiencies in their operations. Optimization intelligence also lets users separately evaluate the impact of decisions on profit and service quality to offer the best service to customers.

Reduce costs and increase profits. With more efficient tools in hand, users can do more with less, ensuring they use resources and assets to their maximum potential.

Meet Axele, the new optimized TMS.
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