RightHand Robotics, a leader in autonomous AI robotic picking solutions for order fulfillment, announces a strategic robotic expansion agreement with Apotea, Sweden’s leading online pharmacy, to automate their new logistics center in Varberg, Sweden. In close collaboration with SSI Schaefer, a global provider of automated workflow and logistics solutions, the RightHand Robotics RightPick™ item-handling system will be deployed, installed, and fully operating by 2025 to support Apotea’s increasing demand of online orders.

The 30,000-square-meter (323,000 sq. ft.) facility will be the second Apotea warehouse that RightHand Robotics is automating. In 2022, Apotea implemented the RightPick platform in their facility in Morgongåva, Sweden, which now ships around 70,000 orders of medication and non-prescription products per day. With their new investment in SSI’s solutions and continued trust in RightHand Robotics’ technology, Apotea expects to increase the number of orders per day processed at their Varberg warehouse by 50,000.

“We are happy to have found a unique and tailor-made solution with RightHand Robotics technology for our warehouse in Varberg,” said Pär Svardson, CEO of Apotea. “We have worked with RightHand Robotics for a few years now and our initiatives for automation have substantially increased our efficiency. This is a necessary investment for us, as we continue our expansion and fulfill customer demands.”

World-renowned for its intelligent robotic manipulation and machine-learning capabilities, the RightPick system will be integrated with the SSI Cuby single-level shuttle system, a fully automated solution for the storage of containers and cartons. During operations, the RightPick system will be stationed at the end of a conveyor belt to receive and pick products from the SSI source tote, barcode scan if necessary, and place the product in the designated tote location for its final destination. Together, the RightHand and SSI systems will deliver precise automated item handling – reducing errors and significantly increasing the speed of Apotea’s order processing and fulfillment.

“We’re honored that Apotea chose us again to support their e-commerce needs,” said Brian Owen, CEO of RightHand Robotics. “This is a true testament to our RightPick system’s proven track record of increased order fulfillment rates and a strong ROI. We’re excited to work with SSI on this project, integrating our technologies to provide Apotea with a powerful solution that will meet their evolving e-commerce demands.”

Apotea’s investment represents a significant step toward the evolution of logistics and e-commerce in Sweden. To keep up with further developments with Apotea and the global deployment of RightPick systems, visit the RightHand Robotics website here.