Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Analysis Grant T. Harris issued the following statement in recognition of Supply Chain Integrity Month: “In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and disruptions, building resilient supply chains has never been more important. Supply Chain Integrity Month serves as an opportunity for industry stakeholders, policymakers and the public to reflect on our vital work to address challenges, share best practices, and promote innovative solutions.

“Tragedies like the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore underscore the importance of preparedness and resilience. Whether it’s our medicine cabinets, the shelves in our grocery stores, the cars that we drive, or even the devices we use every day—our Nation’s supply chains affect all of us. That is why our team of industry experts are facilitating collaboration across the U.S. government and beyond to be proactive in getting ahead of supply chain challenges.

“Through the work of the Department of Commerce’s first-of-its-kind Supply Chain Center, we are working to reduce the frequency and intensity of future supply chain disruptions. During this Supply Chain Integrity Month, we will highlight the work that the Supply Chain Center and our industry experts and economists are doing to strengthen America’s critical supply chains, and support U.S. economic competitiveness, jobs, and communities.

“As we further develop our tools and resources, we will continue to partner with critical stakeholders from industry, academia, labor, and civil society on key questions around supply chain data availability and quality, information-sharing between the public and private sectors, and best practices to mitigate and respond to supply chain risks. Working together, we can build more secure and sustainable supply chains that benefit America’s economy and enhance national security.”