AI-based Technology Drives Value and Efficiencies in Supply Chains

  • AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, announces the company has been named the Analytics Winner in the 2022 NextGen Solution Provider Awards from Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR). The Annual NextGen Awards honor those companies at the forefront of emerging technologies. An awards ceremony will occur at the NextGen Supply Chain Conference in Chicago, October 17 – 19, 2022.

“We are proud that this prestigious publication has chosen AutoScheduler as the best in the artificial intelligence solution provider category,” said Keith Moore, CEO of AutoScheduler.AI. “Our technology smooths warehouse operations by orchestrating and planning all activities in real-time on top of an existing WMS. It considers space, time, labor, dock doors, and more constraints to ensure that orders are fulfilled on time and in full. Clients gain efficiencies and value in their supply chains through optimized labor, schedules, touches, and inventory.”

"This is the fourth year for the NextGen Supply Chain awards," said Bob Trebilcock, editorial director of Supply Chain Management Review. He added that the awards are meant to recognize supply chain professionals and solution providers who are moving technology forward. "Early adopters and first movers win in the marketplace," Trebilcock said. "We hope their stories will encourage other companies to follow their example."

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, NextGen Supply Chain Conference will proudly recognize four solution providers and four end-user companies for utilizing technologies that will shape tomorrow's supply chains during the NextGen Supply Chain Conference. At the conference, supplier and end-user winners will share their success stories on how they are leading the way in new technologies.

Jeff Potts, Chief Revenue Officer at AutoScheduler.AI, will speak at the conference on how businesses gain value and efficiencies when implementing AutoScheduler. The warehouse resource planning and optimization platform dynamically orchestrates all activities on top of an existing WMS in real-time. Clients maximize capacity and maintain higher fill rates while meeting customer order requirements, on time and in full.

The NextGen Supply Chain Conference prepares senior-level supply chain executives for the future technologies and processes that will have the most transformative effects on their supply chains. This year's conference will focus on emerging supply chain technologies that are powering tomorrow's supply chains and enabling the digital transformation of supply chain processes.