Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that Charlotte, NC-based Bahr Transportation, a freight brokerage specializing in the movement of perishable goods across the U.S. and Canada, is using the cloud-based Descartes Aljex™ transportation management system (TMS), together with Descartes MacroPoint™ real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP) and automated capacity sourcing solutions. The integrated solutions allow Bahr Transportation to cover more customer freight while providing full visibility across the supply chain to enhance shipper and carrier relationships.

“We specialize in refrigerated shipments of temperature-sensitive perishable goods, which means we have little margin for error because 90% of our loads are time-sensitive and 70% last-minute bookings,” said Andy Bahr, Founder and President at Bahr Transportation. “We rely on the integrated Descartes solutions to streamline transportation workflows, help provide complete control and visibility for every load, and book loads faster with artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced capacity matching. We reduced time spent tracking loads by 30+% and the end-to-end automation has helped us be more efficient, protecting margins while strengthening customer and carrier loyalty.”

Descartes Aljex boosts operational efficiency by automating and streamlining daily freight broker activities, including order entry, lane rate comparison, covering loads, rate confirmation, carrier acceptance, dispatching and carrier communications. It allows brokerages of all sizes to securely access freight and transportation management data from anywhere. Integration with Descartes MacroPoint provides access to real-time load tracking, which not only reduces time-consuming communication like check calls and emails, but also helps brokers forecast future needs to mitigate potential transportation risk or disruption. The solution unlocks previously trapped freight capacity using advanced visualization, analytics and AI to allow freight brokers to cover more loads, build stronger carrier relationships, and reduce transportation costs.

“We’re pleased that our advanced freight brokerage solutions help companies with complex and time-sensitive operations, like Bahr Transportation, optimize the movement of perishable goods,” said Dan Cicerchi, VP and General Manager, Transportation Management at Descartes. “With supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and economic pressures creating challenges in the transportation industry, Descartes’ integrated solutions help freight brokers operate at higher levels of efficiency, connect and collaborate with shippers and carrier partners, and scale their operations to support growth.”