The app facilitate access to funding for small fleets and owner-operators

Atlanta, GA -  It is tough to be a small carrier today. With lower rates and fewer loads, competition is intense and reducing unnecessary spend has become vital for survival. Given these challenges, it does not come as a surprise that trucking businesses are turning to technology for solutions to reduce costs (30%), keep up with the competition (18%) and save time (18%) (BFS US Trucking Trends 2019 report).

In an effort to make small carriers’ lives easier in obtaining funding faster while on the road, Bibby Financial Services (BFS) is launching the FreightCheck app. The app is designed to allow trucking business owners to complete the entire application process in just a few simple steps.  

It lets owner-operators and small fleet owners upload their load documents for invoicing and submit them for funding directly from their phone. It also supports instant messaging and real-time feedback on applications so that any issues can quickly be resolved and the funding dispatched to the client. Further, carriers can select which loads they would like to issue on the same invoice as well as how they want to get funded – by ACH, fuel card or bank wire.

“It is important for us to provide our clients with the best service possible and make their lives easier in the process. Small carriers don’t have a minute to waste dealing with paperwork, they need to move quickly on to the next load to remain competitive and grow their business. The FreightCheck app allows us to facilitate the financing process and ensure that we provide our clients with the funds they need as quickly as possible. 

We wanted to make getting funded as easy as taking a picture on your phone and I believe we have achieved that through the FreightCheck app,” said Mary Ann Hudson, EVP Managing Director of Bibby Transportation Finance (a subsidiary of Bibby Financial Services)