BlueGrace Logistics (BlueGrace) released its inaugural Logistics Confidence Index (LCI). Informed by shippers across various industries, BlueGrace’s LCI comprises data related to customers’ expectations and confidence in their organization's financial growth or stagnation, level of inventory and warehouse capacity, as well as unique information on the expansion or contraction of orders for the upcoming quarter. These key indicators help quantify the number of orders shippers see in relation to organizational revenue.

BlueGrace’s data analysis platform provides future value and decision-making support using supply chain data, scorecard metrics, artificial intelligence tools, and engineering processes that lean on leading market indicators. The LCI supports improved performance through logistics and transportation operations, strategy, and execution. Data reflects all road transport modes of service.

“Creating the BlueGrace Logistics Confidence Index supports the application of predictive and prescriptive analytics," said Bobby Harris, CEO and Founder of BlueGrace Logistics. “It’s a resource that can forwardly measure anticipated organizational growth, renewal and resiliency.”

The benchmarks assessed from BlueGrace’s LCI provide shippers predictive insight into what could be expected in future market cycles beginning Q1 2023. This gives shippers salient data to plan for improved customer experience, capacity management and budgeting variances. Organizations can also use the index as a high-level comparison tool to calibrate their company’s overall performance amongst categories.