CakeBoxx Technologies, the global leader in specialized transportation and cargo supply chain solutions and innovator of the first SAFETY Act Qualified intermodal container, today announced its continued global expansion with the appointment of systems engineering and Naval operations expert James Campbell as COO. Building on CakeBoxx Technologies’ record year-over-year growth in 2020 (200%) and 2021 (260%), Campbell’s appointment further advances the company’s strategic investments in the development of new supply chain engineering services for markets worldwide.

“CakeBoxx Technologies has a unique way of bringing specialization into a very standardized global transportation system,” said Daine Eisold, Chairman and CEO of CakeBoxx Technologies. “We have seen unprecedented demand in Europe for our specialized cargo containers, transport platforms and supply chain systems engineering expertise. While steel, energy and defense industries seem to be most aggressively embracing this idea, all supply chain verticals are hungry for innovation and smart change.”

Eisold added, “Jim Campbell is an incredibly insightful operational leader. By adding Jim Campbell as our COO, we will accelerate our FY22 growth with new engineering and design services that provide unprecedented security, efficiency and sustainability advances for renewable energy and other rapidly expanding industries with daunting supply chain challenges.”

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell

For over a decade, CakeBoxx Technologies has steadily advanced its supply chain and transportation engineering systems expertise, building a strong base of customers in the U.S. defense and related industries. The company has also introduced specialized products for the shipment of high-value industrial wind turbines, gearboxes, aerospace equipment, power distribution solutions, energy systems and autonomous systems components. This expertise enabled the company to become the first and only company in the industry to achieve U.S. SAFETY Act Designated status, awarded for their unique, doorless, two-piece shipping container design in June 2018. The following year CakeBoxx Technologies expanded its systems engineering services team, launching the company’s expansion into renewable energy markets and developing supply chain solutions for multinational corporations seeking to accelerate meeting their global sustainability targets.

“CakeBoxx Technologies has always focused on the long game, steadily building a solid base of government and Fortune 500 customers and innovating products to meet extremely high standards for security, reliability and sustainability,” said Michael Quinn, member of the CakeBoxx Technologies Board. “The appointment of Jim Campbell, a seasoned operations leader in high-consequence systems engineering, to the executive leadership team is a very strategic move for the company. His expertise and connections will enable CakeBoxx Technologies to scale its operating team and expand the company’s renowned systems engineering services globally.”

CakeBoxx’s record year-over-year growth is on track to continue in 2022. Under the stewardship of CEO Daine Eisold, Campbell will continue to accelerate and scale CakeBoxx Technologies’ supply chain systems engineering services practice to support the growing demand from the third party logistics (3PL) and intermodal transportation industry. As COO, Campbell will lead product development, sales and field operations, overseeing CakeBoxx Technologies’ engineering team and supporting customers’ increasingly complex supply chain management and supply chain operations challenges.

Campbell will initially focus his operating and engineering services teams to support the United States and United Kingdom’s evolving needs for specialized cargo handling, including specialty solutions for uncrewed, semi-autonomous and autonomous transportation platforms. This will include the complex program management capacity required to support their international supply chains.

Campbell will also oversee CakeBoxx Technologies’ systems engineering services expansion to the wind energy markets and the nuclear power industry. Re-imagining the design of the modern shipping container and re-architecting last-mile delivery will help both industries accelerate their global climate and Net Zero sustainability targets with specialized cargo containers that enable greatly reduced loading cycles while offering custom size and security options that are optimized to fit the cargo – not following the “make do” model of aging, traditional containers.

“With the rapid growth of renewables, we have an unprecedented opportunity to innovate and provide engineering expertise with CakeBoxx-as-a-Service,” said James Campbell, COO of CakeBoxx Technologies. “Addressing sustainability and carbon reduction initiatives across the shipping and 3PL industry has never been more relevant and important. CakeBoxx Technologies’ ability to combine adaptive designs with SAFETY Act level security is an empowering capability for shippers with sustainable goals.”

CakeBoxx products and advanced supply chain engineering services are available to companies, governments, NGOs and other organizations worldwide seeking to enhance security, lower total cost of ownership, build resilience and improve sustainability in their supply chain operations.