In addition to the platform’s Transport, Purchase Order, Warehouse Management, Reporting and Parcel modules, cargo-partner now uses the new Time Slot Management module to reduce waiting times and optimize ramp utilization at warehouses.

cargo-partner has been working with the cloud-based supply chain management platform SPOT since the year 2000, making use of the platform's ever-growing range of features to streamline its collaboration with customers and partners along the whole supply chain. Following the launch of SPOT’s Parcel module in 2018, the platform has now once again received a new addition as of September 2019. The Time Slot Management module supports carriers and warehouse operators in scheduling time slots for loading and unloading activities at warehouse locations. 

Simplified time slot booking for carriers 

With SPOT Time Slot Management, cargo-partner’s road carriers can book their loading and unloading time windows themselves or receive a period from the warehouse during which they can select their preferred time window on the respective ramp. It is also possible for a warehouse to allocate a specific time window. The available loading times are calculated and determined on the basis of the actual load of the truck. The allocated loading ramp depends on the load as well – for example, oversized goods may only be unloaded at specific loading docks. 

Better overview for warehouse staff 

The warehouse staff at the respective ramp receive a forecast of the expected daily volumes along with regular progress updates once an unloading activity has been confirmed, such as “50% done for today!” or “75% completed!” After an unloading task has been completed, warehouse staff can provide an evaluation for each truck to help monitor factors such as cleanliness or condition of the truck, load condition or load safety. Users of the Time Slot Management module can view all activities directly in SPOT for control purposes or receive an overview by email. 

Improved resource utilization for warehouse operators 

Thanks to precise information about pickup and delivery time slots, ramp utilization can be enhanced, leading to higher efficiency in warehouse operations. Finally, the occupancy of loading gates can be optimized by blocking certain docks or tagging them for certain activities, such as “pick-up/delivery only”, “short-notice deliveries” etc. 

Enhanced process quality for customers 

Thanks to the objective and transparent reporting enabled by SPOT Time Slot Management, waiting times and the associated costs are reduced. For cargo-partner’s customers, this process optimization results in faster processing and delivery of orders, allowing them to plan more efficiently and offer a higher service level to their end consumers.