Connecting active, port container logistics with national warehousing and fulfillment network.

EDRAY, The Collaborative Port Logistics Platform for international beneficial cargo owner shippers, announces a strategic partnership with Kinimatic, a technology driven warehouse and fulfillment company, to streamline and accelerate the flow of import shipments from the port to final destination.

Once a container leaves a vessel, EDRAY takes over providing destination management to improve cargo velocity and reduce costs through clean data, active management, real time visibility and supplying drayage capacity where and when it’s needed most. 

Kinimatic’s comprehensive coast-to-coast footprint of over 150 partner facilities provide shippers with access to warehousing, transloading services and expedited local delivery services throughout the nation to meet the ongoing rise of ecommerce retail sales in the U.S. Consumers spent $791.70 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, a 32.4% year over year increase (U.S. Department of Commerce), reported Digital Commerce 360. Kinimatic offers transloading at all major ports in addition to other specialized warehousing services.

Transloading services near port locations is an important intermodal logistics strategy as it enables swift commitment of resources, such as containers, chassis and drayage drivers. Moreover, transloading reduces dwell-times to help shippers lower skyrocketing demurrage and detention costs.

“In today’s challenging container logistics environment, our strong collaborative partnerships help deliver significant improvements to the flow of imports. EDRAY and Kinimatic together provide a better, more efficient and transparent way, to expedite container flows from the port to warehouse to final delivery. Shippers need visibility to shipments at any given time during the container journey in order to have the ability to act quickly and respond to exceptions,” said Reade Kidd, Co-Founder and CEO of EDRAY.

“This meaningful collaboration offers shippers a single source solution for all of their middle to last mile requirements. Our national warehouse capacity enables shippers to offload containers and quickly get their cargo into our warehouses to reduce the high costs of detention and demurrage. Also, we make available a range of value-added services to streamline distribution and logistics requirements, such as light assembly, sorting, palletizing, reverse logistics and inventory management,” said Kris Kellaway, CCO, Kinimatic.