Emerge, the leading freight procurement platform connecting shippers and carriers through data-enabled solutions, proudly announces the receipt of the Rising Star Award at the annual Tyson carrier conference. This recognition highlights Emerge's exceptional contribution to the industry by introducing innovative RFP technology into Tyson Foods' procurement strategy.

As Tyson Foods experiences rapid growth, adaptability within its carrier network becomes paramount. Emerge played a pivotal role in this transformation by integrating the Emerge RFP platform into Tyson's procurement strategy and introducing the Premier Carrier Program, allowing them to tap into an extended pool of asset carrier capacity alongside their own incumbent network. Remarkably, this resulted in a dramatic improvement in Primary Tender Acceptance (PTA) to a rate of over 96%.

"We are honored by Tyson's recognition and deeply appreciate the acknowledgment of their commitment to providing innovative solutions to their customers and carriers,” says Emerge VP of Customer Strategy, Brad Wheeler. “The partnership with Tyson is invaluable, and we take great pride in contributing to the success of these initiatives. This award inspires us to continue making a meaningful impact that helps redefine industry standards."

Emerge's Premier Carrier Program, a cornerstone in this success story, provides shippers direct access to carriers identified for their exceptional service and large fleets and invites them to their RFPs. Shippers can also save time and make informed decisions by accessing data that showcases carriers' capabilities and performance. This program enhances the relationship between shippers and carriers, fostering transparency and efficiency.

"This program is designed to give both shippers and carriers more control over their relationship," says Emerge Founder and CEO, Andrew Leto. "Shippers get more insight into carrier performance and capabilities before awarding business, while carriers gain visibility into their competition and expand their shipper network."

The Rising Star Award from Tyson Foods acknowledges Emerge's dedication to excellence and innovation in the freight industry reinforcing Emerge's position as a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions that reshape the landscape of logistics.