Roy Amalfitano Promoted to Vice Chairman

JERSEY CITY, NJ - Benjamin Tsai, previously serving as Chief Executive Vice President, has been appointed President of Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation, North America General Agents for global ocean carrier Evergreen Line. Roy Amalfitano, President for the last five years, has been promoted to Vice Chairman.

The promotions were announced by Mr. Lawrence Lee, President of Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taipei).

“Both Benjamin and Roy have successfully led EGA through some challenging times for the maritime industry in general,” said Mr. Lee. “They deserve these promotions for the customer-centric service, the loyalty of our client base and the excellent EGA team they have steered through this phase.”

Mr. Tsai joined Evergreen 30 years ago in the sales department in Taiwan. In 1990 he was named Assistant Manager in Taipei, transferring to the New York office in 1993. Three years later, he was sent to San Francisco, returning to Taipei in 1999 as a Pricing Manager. He was assigned to Tacoma as Office Manager and then Deputy Junior Vice President before coming back to New York in Human Resources.

In 2007, Mr. Tsai returned to Taipei where he remained in various executive positions and ultimately was promoted to Senior Vice President. Reassigned to New York in 2012 as Executive Vice President, he was named Chief EVP last year.

Mr. Amalfitano, who joined Evergreen in 1984 in Los Angeles, has held positions in Minneapolis, Chicago and Los Angeles until transferring to New York as President in 2012. He also serves on the Board of Directors for both the U. S. Maritime Alliance (USMX) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA).

Benjamin Tsai, President, Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation
Benjamin Tsai, President, Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation

Roy Amalfitano
Roy Amalfitano, Vice Chairman, Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation