Logistics technology innovator Fleet Enable today introduced software that predicts the future for final-mile delivery operators. The company said its Fleet Enable Intelligence tool would forecast everything from warehouse volume shifts to revenue growth. Fleet Enable said ‘Intelligence’ is the first predictive software produced exclusively for final-mile carriers.

“Over the course of the last two years, the general population has become all too familiar with the fragility and uncertainty of the supply chain,” said Krishna Vattipalli, CEO of Fleet Enable, based in Austin TX. “In this fast-growing market, the transportation/logistics sector needs this kind of tool.”

The company said Fleet Enable Intelligence becomes a new web-based module of its legacy Fleet Enable software. Fleet Enable automates all aspects of final-mile business. The ‘Intelligence’ software analyzes real-time data for carriers or warehouse operators to:

● Evaluate company performance;

● Identify patterns and anomalies in markets;

● Forecast volumes for each Shipper;

● Analyze driver performance;

● Predict delays in deliveries and appointments.

Fleet Enable’s software rollout comes as final-mile carriers face new supply chain upheaval. Retailers and manufacturers have overstocked warehouses. Consumers have tightened belts in the wake of rising inflation. The result means less purchasing and a slowdown for final-mile carriers after years of frenetic growth. Fleet Enable said its ‘Intelligence’ technology would help with business forecasting amidst the uncertain future.

“This new technology provides deeper insights on various aspects of the final-mile business,” said Mr. Vattipalli. “It can directly drive changes in business processes, and day-to-day decision-making and also aid in planning for the future.”

Fleet Enable said ‘Intelligence’ would help warehouse operators predict capacity requirements. It added that Fleet Intelligence would assist final-mile trucking firms with delivery management and driver performance. Fleet Enable said its software could analyze parameters such as shipment volume to predict delivery success or failure.

The tool is a decision-aid for transportation and logistics sector senior management, Fleet Enable said. It added that everyone from billing clerks to delivery drivers could benefit from Fleet Enable Intelligence.

“Fleet Enable Intelligence provides insights into business performance, customer details and delivery details which will allow a carrier to be more proactive and respond rapidly to changing conditions,” explained Mr. Vattipalli.

The company said Fleet Enable Intelligence would be configurable for each client. It added that the tool would provide dashboards for business units ranging from invoicing to dispatch.