Delivered Loads:

  • Louisiana was the hardest-hit state, where the number of loads declined by 28% in the week of Aug 30, while the situation improved in the week of Sept 6 with a 12% improvement in load count.
  • On average, the total number of  loads in the week of Sep 06 declined by 10% compared to the last two months in the seven affected states

On-Time Shipment %

  • Louisiana was the hardest hit state here as well, with a decline of 14% from the state’s average over the past 2 months in the week of August 30. However, during the week of Sept 6, the overall on-time shipment % returned back to historic averages.
  • New Jersey was the second-most-impacted state, having seen a 10% dip in on-time shipments during the week of August 30.
  • The week of Aug 23, with the onset of Hurricane Ida, witnessed a 4% decline in on-time shipments, compared to the average on-time shipment percentage over the past two months.
    Dwell Times:
  • Delaware saw the highest increase in dwell time among all states analyzed, having seen an 11% increase in dwell time during the week of September 6. Pennsylvania was the second-most-impacted state with regard to dwell time. 
  • Louisiana saw no major changes in the dwell time during the weeks following the storm. This is perhaps not surprising; we see operations often speed up when bad weather comes — facilities plan ahead, knowing that delays are forthcoming. That’s often the case with transit time, as well.
  • During the week of Sept 6, the FourKites platform saw a slight increase in the average dwell time of 2% over the previous two months’ average.