Fr8Hub announced the availablity of the 2019 version of its cloud-based digital platform focused on cross-border shipping. Originally launched in July 2017, Fr8Hub’s digital freight marketplace directly matches cross-border shippers throughout Mexico and the domestic United States (to and from border cities) with available carriers and drivers for their loads. With unprecedented tracking and visibility for shipments coming in and out of Mexico, Fr8Hub has developed a streamlined, flexible, cross-border freight marketplace.

“Fr8Hub’s mission is to revolutionize cross-border shipping,” said Ohad Axelrod, CEO of Fr8Hub. “Fr8Hub was founded in Laredo, Texas—the largest US/Mexico border crossing point— to simplify connections, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and increase revenue for both shippers and carriers.”

Fr8Hub combines extensive logistics experience with innovative cloud-based technology that directly matches cross-border shippers with a broad network of reliable carriers. Fr8Hub provides carriers with increased growth opportunities and shippers with flexibility, visibility and simplicity for the once-complex process of international over-the-road (OTR) shipping.  The number of trucks entering the US from Mexico has risen 16.6 percent over the last 5 years. Trucks hauled $424B in imports and exports across the US/Mexico border in 2018 (*source- U.S. Bureau of Transportation/Journal of Commerce.)

The 2019 release of Fr8Hub’s digital freight marketplace features:

Unprecedented Visibility: 

Fr8Hub 2019 provides live 24/7 tracking for loads on both sides of the border through telematics and GPS integrations in the United States, and a combination of historical data and partnerships with leading ELD manufacturers.

Trusted Carriers:

The Fr8Hub carrier network currently features more than 1000 carriers in the United States and Mexico, counting more than 30,000 available trucks. All Mexico-based carriers are vetted through onboarding processes, reviewing historical data regarding performance and on-time delivery—including door-to-door, crossloading, interline or to-the-border deliveries.

Transparent Pricing:

Fr8Hub’s fixed rates enable both shipper and carrier always know exact costs with no hidden fees, as well as what pricing to expect for future jobs.

Data Driven Visibility and Analytics:

Fr8Hub is integrated with fleet and driver IOT devices to synthesize and analyze together large amounts of data on each fleet and shipment, including location, freight, time and other data points. With this release, shippers and carriers can now access this critical data through the Fr8Hub Control Center to make timely, actionable decisions on loads and optimize their operations.

Control Center:

Fr8Hub’s cloud-based, easy-to-use platform delivers a centralized hub to manage all live load locations, statuses, and related documents such as BOL, RCS, and POD, as well as an archive of past loads. As a fully scalable tool, it can integrate into existing TMS solutions.

“By seamlessly connecting shippers and carriers through our web and mobile apps, we’re helping truckers grow their businesses and shippers track their freight in real time,“ said Axelrod. “With having every truck driver in our network connected via our app, Fr8Hub provides asset-like reliability with broker-level flexibility.”