Platetrade S.A., member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Argentina, was responsible for coordinating the discharging operation of a turbocharger, an essential part of the Nestor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, the biggest project in Latin America, in Bahia Blanca positioning special trailers next to the ship, to receive the heavy packages and later coordinate the light equipment to load in a warehouse. The entire shipment was transferred from Bahia Blanca to Salliqueló by special overland transport.

A spokesperson for Platetrade commented:

"The project shipment was composed of 60 packages including over dimension and heavy lift cargo of 650 metric tons and 45 metric tons respectively. It is the second turbo charger that

Platetrade transported for this project, apart from large amounts of over dimension steel pipes for this project.

“The biggest project in Argentina” - Nestor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, has completed now the first phase connecting Vaca Muerta – shell, Neuquen province up to province in La Pampa. The second phase is starting now which will supply gas from Patagonia up to Misiones province in North East Argentina and will replace Argentinian gas import making the country a good saving in terms in USD. The final purpose of this project includes also the export of gas from Argentina to Chile and Bolvia."