Artificial intelligence is proving itself across nearly every industry, none more so than the complicated world of supply chains. As CEO of fulfillment company Boxzooka, Brendan Heegan knows firsthand the importance of AI and is available for interviews on how it makes warehouse operations more resilient. Brendan is an industry veteran with stints at DHL and Newgistics. He’s been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur and more!

Supply chain disruptions in recent years have shown the worth of AI in helping to establish more resilient warehouse operations. Today, as those disruptions have largely shrunk out of view, warehouses are undergoing a renaissance of sorts, adopting a long list of machine learning models and other technologies to streamline the process.

Boxzooka, like so many companies, has implemented its own version of artificial intelligence to its warehouse management system, in the end, creating more resilient operations. What Brendan and his team have learned is how easy it can be to jump into the world of AI, leveraging it for everything from inventory and route optimization to supplier monitoring and quality control. Brendan can discuss the following:

  • Why AI is the perfect tool for an intricately complicated industry like the supply chain.
  • How AI and machine learning can help create resilient warehouse operations.
  • How Boxzooka is leveraging AI to streamline and improve its own operations.