CALSTART, Ceres, and the Electrification Coalition, have launched an ad campaign to call on the Biden Administration to issue the strongest possible emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, as well as robust new pollution standards for light- and medium-duty vehicles.

The ads will run in bus shelters throughout the District of Columbia, online, and in a full page advertisement in the print version of the New York Times beginning today. While some groups like the American Trucking Association (ATA) have been pushing for more lenient rules, giving some the impression that industry at large opposes strong regulations on emissions, these groups have joined together to dispel that notion.

The online ads will link to two different letters previously sent to the Biden Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in which more than 100 industry leaders underscore the need for strong vehicle emissions standards that require vehicle manufacturers to produce increasingly efficient and clean vehicles and drive the electrification of the sector. They note that heavy duty vehicles are the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and the public and environmental health benefits that will result from a strong rule, especially for low-income communities and communities of color who are overburdened by the harmful pollution of heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Many of the participating companies have already made significant commitments to reduce their corporate GHG emission footprints to protect our companies' economic well-being and improve the health of the communities in which they live and operate.

“With the adoption of strong federal vehicle standards, the Biden Administration can build on its other major accomplishments and accelerate the growth of the United States clean transportation industry. Building this industry cannot be done by incentives alone. Clear and strong targets will encourage more investment and innovation,” said John Boesel, President and CEO of CALSTART.

“Companies, fleet owners, and investors are eager for the transition to zero-emission trucks. Finalizing strong Phase 3 heavy-duty greenhouse gas emissions standards are critical for the U.S. to be a global leader in the clean economy and in achieving our national climate, economic, and equity goals,” said Michael Kodransky, Senior Director of Transportation, Ceres. “Robust standards will set clear expectations for automakers, their customers, and the market. We urge the EPA to finalize the most ambitious standards.”

"By electrifying our nation's medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, we can significantly reduce our dependence on oil for transportation and the associated economic and national security risks. A strong federal rule will leverage the generational investments made through the IRA and BIL and accelerate the adoption of electric trucks and buses. Eleven states, representing nearly one-third of the nation's population, have already adopted stronger heavy-duty vehicle standards. Now, industry leaders are calling for a strong federal rule that provides much-needed market certainty," said Ben Prochazka, Executive Director of the Electrification Coalition.

The new ad campaign comes on top of Ford, Cummins, BorgWarner, Eaton, and other major industry players calling for a strong rule with no delays.