JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, today announces the planned introduction of Intelligence, in the form of a conversational Smart Assistant, to its JAGGAER ONE spend management suite. This upgrade will completely change the interactive user experience. 

JAGGAER’s Smart Assistant leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide guidance and recommendations via contextual conversations.  JAGGAER developed a prototype of the solution and shared it with a group of internal SMEs (Subject Matters Experts) and customers. This led to the creation of a feedback loop, capturing their comments, ideas and perceptions. Based on their responses, JAGGAER will deliver an Intelligent Smart Assistant that answers questions related to customer data, launches actions to assist the end user, and anticipates and acts in advance. The Smart Assistant is a guidance system that makes recommendations, suggests next steps, and provides explanations.
Attributes of the Smart Assistant:
    •    Integrated: With JAGGAER ONE to assist users in searching and taking actions.
    •    Engaging: Goes beyond simple Q&A and has meaningful/contextual conversations with a human-like interaction.
    •    Controlled: Ability to monitor and control the interactions. Access to Analytics views.
    •    Intelligent: Learns from past interactions, improving responses over time.
    •    Multi-language: Supports JAGGAER’s platform languages.
    •    Secure: Compliant with JAGGAER ISO certifications and security model.
“Smart Assistant was developed with the input of customers globally, across multiple verticals including Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Transportation, Healthcare and Education. The solution is tailored to understand the specific business problems of each vertical, based on a continual learning process surrounding the language of that vertical,” says Zia Zahiri, CTO of JAGGAER.