KIZAD Logistics City has been designed to offer flexible, on demand storage, warehousing services and same day distribution solutions

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Warehousing is integral to distributing goods efficiently. To respond to the demand for more flexibility from retailers, shippers and logistics companies, Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) announced the launch of the first “on-demand” warehouse solutions offering in the Middle East. 

The newly inaugurated KIZAD Logistics City offers warehousing services in a breakthrough pay-per-use model which allows potential customers to avoid capital expense. The new hub will be located at KIZAD, adjacent to Khalifa Port, one of the fastest growing ports in the world, close to major UAE airports, and seamlessly connected by uncongested highways to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and into Saudi Arabia.

KIZAD Logistics City offers free zone and non-free zone warehousing solutions spanning over 1.3 million square feet (118,965 square meters), equivalent in size to about 17 soccer fields. The warehousing is suited to luxury goods, high-value retail items, food and pharmaceuticals with each unit having its own dedicated loading yard with ramp access for forklifts and ample on-site parking. Facilities can be further customised or expanded to suit specialised or growing business needs. 

All facilities can be booked on demand, without the need for long-term lease contracts and are available for a range of business needs, starting from 10,000 square feet (1,000 square meters). Online warehousing bookings are available through KIZAD’s dedicated E-Services website on the Maqta Gateway platform - - and other leading booking platforms like GO DC. To add further flexibility and convenience, customers will also receive full investor support through Abu Dhabi government entities located at KIZAD’s Taweelah headquarters. Flexible space bookings through online platforms will also be bundled in a service offering that may include packing and unpacking, palletizing and labelling. 

Senior industry professionals from the logistics and retail sectors attended the launch event which included a panel discussion and the preview of a new report from LogiSYM entitled ‘Flexing it. Supply chain flexibility and the need for digitalisation in the UAE’. The report highlights how the United Arab Emirates stands out as a country determined to position itself in a region poised for growth, with strong innovative investment policies in globally oriented ports, airports and airlines.

During the discussion with the audience, a specific mention was made to the future of the e-commerce sector which is growing rapidly in the UAE, from US$2.5 billion in 2014, to US$10 billion by the end of 2018.

Following the launch event, Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, said: “The rapid expansion of e-commerce in the region and same-day delivery models are reshaping warehousing needs. In addition, with roughly half of the population still under 25, this region is home to one of the world’s youngest and wealthiest populations and some of the world’s highest sustainable growth rates. We wanted to get ahead of the curve and provide a smart, on-demand, seamlessly connected warehouse hub for everybody, from e-commerce giants to small retailers and entrepreneurs.”

During his keynote speech, Dr. Raymon Krishnan, President of The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society, highlighted: “Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. The deployment of leading technologies to enable ‘smarter’ solutions such as blockchain and data analytics are forcing logistics companies to innovate to succeed. Digitalisation and flexibility in warehousing are key ingredients towards overall supply chain optimisation and growth. These are two essential pillars for supply chain stakeholders and operators to leverage in the new economy.”

Au Kah Soon, CEO of Get Go Global, added: “We are elated that KIZAD Logistics City’s world-class warehouses and facilities will be reaching a broader audience across the Middle-East and Asia through our GO DC platform. With the rise of cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), social and analytics the data explosion is accelerating. This complexity and volatility are affecting logistics effectiveness thus counting on the right technology platforms to provide the necessary speed and flexibility has become paramount.  KIZAD Logistics City is part of Abu Dhabi’s impressive transformation into a major logistics hub serving East and West. GO is delighted that our technology platform with advance search and listing functionality will play a part in this pioneering effort.”