IACS member, Korean Register (KR) has significantly updated its SeaTrust-HullScan software to offer much faster operating speeds and many more functions. 

SeaTrust-HullScan V2 is a specific software package developed for the structural strength analysis of bulk carriers, double hull oil tankers, containers ships based on KR's Rules and the Harmonized CSR.

The latest version has been redeveloped following direct feedback from users in shipyards and design firms. Users rated the DSA (Direct strength assessment) highly, but the Rule aspects of the software have been upgraded. The updated software is more innovative, reduces design costs, increases user convenience, while quickly and accurately producing and evaluating data.

Image shows a result from the SeaTrust-HullScan V2.
Image shows a result from the SeaTrust-HullScan V2.


The software response speeds have been dramatically enhanced, SeaTrust-HullScan V2 is now much faster than the previous version. Importantly, the time needed to modify models and verify large amounts of data has been reduced and the time taken to calculate DSA Buckling and Fatigue is significantly faster.

Fine Mesh

KR has developed a new function to simplify and enhance the creation of high-quality fine mesh using a FE (Finite Element) automatic model creation for Fine Mesh and Very Fine Mesh. The new software can now create an FE model with a single click for locations that require intensive modeling such as openings, brackets and slots. The Sub Modeling function now offers faster, more accurate finite element analysis too.

Rule Calculation

KR has enhanced user convenience by improving the functions for the generation of longitudinal members and the definition of the compartments. The rule calculations are faster and easier when creating a transverse member model for plane bulkhead, corrugated bulkhead and web sections. In addition, through the development of a model interface for NAPA STEEL which is used in domestic and overseas shipyards, rule calculations and direct strength evaluations can now be performed using accurate 3D shape models of ships.


SeaTrust-HullScan V2 provides an automatic report function for the rule calculation and direct strength assessment. The user can specify the items to be included in the report and screen status, and can modify the order and caption. Furthermore, through the provision of an auto report function for Buckling and Fatigue, the user can reduce the number of reports.

Dr. Kim Chang-wook, Executive Vice President and head of KR's technical division, says, "SeaTrust-HullScan V2 has been developed and tested by the shipyards and design companies.  This significantly improved version demonstrates KR's efforts to support better ship and offshore structure design through the provision of fast and accurate software."