AxleHire, the last-mile delivery provider that helps brands like American Eagle, HelloFresh, Nespresso and others meet and exceed customer expectations, today announced that it has changed its name to Jitsu and that its new website address is The rebrand signals the tech-forward company’s determination to help brands improve the doorstep delivery experience, build customer loyalty, and drive greater customer lifetime value at an affordable cost.

“Jitsu, as a word, represents the idea of using agility and leverage to gain an advantage. It describes exactly what we are doing when we help our clients extend their brand through the last mile delivery experience and delight their customers with outstanding service,” said Jitsu CEO Raj Ramanan. “In our case, we leverage proprietary AI-powered technology to drive efficiency and speed, helping companies differentiate and distinguish themselves through a premium doorstep delivery experience.”

A lackluster delivery experience can tarnish a brand’s reputation, leading to fewer online sales and measurable drops in customer loyalty and repeat purchases. According to industry research, 76% of consumers say that an “unacceptable” delivery experience would affect their decision to purchase from the same company again.

Online shopping surged during the pandemic and continues to grow. According to an eMarketer forecast, US retail ecommerce sales are expected to reach $1.720 trillion by 2027, representing more than 20% of overall retail sales. Unfortunately, the average on-time delivery rate for legacy shipping carriers stands at 85% to 90%. That means 10% to 15% of deliveries are not on time, leading to major disappointments for consumers and negative outcomes for the brands that rely on these legacy carriers.

Jitsu provides 99+% on-time delivery rates by using its proprietary technology platform to aggregate packages into dense delivery routes, match load size to right-sized vehicles, and facilitate communications with drivers and customers, including proof of delivery.

“There’s an old saying that you can have something good, fast, or cheap, but never all three. Thanks to our innovative approach and purpose-built technology platform, brands are no longer forced to choose between shipping speed, cost, or a premium delivery experience. With Jitsu, online retail brands get all three,” said Ramanan.